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Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Infant - CE series - Convenience Package

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Developed from the well-received NCC publication "Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Infant", each individual book chapter module offers 2 CE hours. The Golden Hours Convenience Package contains every book chapter module (46 hours of CE) at the discounted cost of $150. $184 if purchased separately.

One purchase of The Golden Hours Convenience Package places all 23 individual CE modules into your account. You do not need to purchase the printed book to have access to this unique CE opportunity. A printable PDF of every chapter along with the corresponding post-test will be available in your NCC account. 

Some modules in this package will not apply to all specialties for NCC maintenance.  Please see "Things to know before you purchase" for details on NCC online Ce. There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers for NCC CE modules. 

Click here for a quick specialty code reference chart. If purchasing for NCC maintenance, review your education plan and compare your ce needs to the individual module codes.


Please note: the discount is not prorated and will only apply if The Golden Hours Convenience Package is purchased in its entirety and in one transaction through this purchase page. Removing book chapter modules from the cart will also remove the discount. 

See "Things to know before your purchase" for more information on NCC CE modules.

The Golden Hours Convenience Package contains every Golden Hours chapter. 
To review specialty codes for NCC maintenance, module objectives and content outlines, access individual modules through the links below.

GH0116 Fetal Assessment 
GH0216 Maternal Risk Factors 
GH0316 Neonatal Assessment 
GH0416 Transition at Birth and Umbilical Cord Blood Gas Analysis
GH0516 Basic Management of the Airway 
GH0616 Cardiac Support 
GH0716 Thermoregulation 
GH0816 Respiratory Diseases  
GH0916 Pulmonary Emergencies  
GH1016 Cardiovascular Stability and Shock  
GH1116 Cardiac Emergencies  
GH1216 Fluids, Electrolytes, and Nutrition  
GH1316 Hypoglycemia  
GH1416 Neonatal Sepsis  
GH1516 Intraventricular Hemorrhage 
GH1616 Hematologic Emergencies  
GH1716 Surgical Emergencies: Abdominal Wall Defects  
GH1816 Congenital Anomalies  
GH1916 Developmentally Supportive and Family-Centered Care  
GH2016 Ethical Dilemmas 
GH2116 Teamwork and Communication  
GH2216 Neonatal Transport  
GH2316 Procedural Review