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Continuing Education modules, Pretests, or ACP

Things to know before you purchase

How it works

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  1. browse available modules by certification specialty, code or interest
  2. to see modules for your certification, select your certification specialty on the browse module page and all modules for your certification specialty appear.  Use the sort feature at the top of the page to view modules assigned to specific specialty codes for your certification specialty.
  3. purchase module
  4. read the resource material - available in your NCC website account
  5. take and submit the test - available in your NCC website account

NCC modules are considered open book, you can go in and out of both the CE test and associated reading materials as long as you don't submit the test.   Once submitted, test and reading materials are no longer available for review or revision.  You have two opportunities to successfully complete the module. If you want to keep a copy of the reading resource materials for your own personal use or a copy of how you answered the questions, you must save these items BEFORE you submit the test.  Once the test is submitted, there is no further access.  You can print out the test before you submit it if you want to match your responses when you get your results.  Results are only afforded to those who are successful.  Otherwise the test will no longer be available once you submit it.  There are no refunds or test resets for failed modules. 

If you try to purchase a module that you already purchased and earned credit for it, a notice will alert you to this fact. If you proceed to buy the module after this warning message, no refunds will be issued.   There are no refunds for expired modules.

NCC CE Modules are all online products

NCC now offer ONLY online modules.  The hard copy type of modules (those sent in the mail) have been discontinued due to the sky rocketing costs of reprints.  This made these types  of modules no longer affordable to offer.   Remember online modules can be printed out -- both reading materials and test.  BUT the test must be submitted online.  You can read the modules off line and fill out the answers to the test off line and then transfer your answer to the online test for submission.

Online Purchasing Overview

  • Order online at the NCC website
  • Receive email confirmation of your order
  • Access and print reading materials and take the test via the online test center in your NCC website account
  • Read the materials (can print them out to read)—once the module is completed the reading material is no longer available so print them out if you are interested in
  • Take the test online - you will find in your NCC website account (you can go in and out the test as long as you don't submit your answers)
  • Achieve a passing score of 70% and your CE credit and certificate is immediately available in your NCC website account.  The module is automatically posted and specialty coded to  your online maintenance application
  • If not successful, can retake the test one more time at no charge.  No feedback will be given to those who are not successful until a minimum score of 70% is achieved.  

Reading materials are provided in one of two formats as a PDF file or you are given a link to the publisher website to download the materials.

When accessing materials from a publisher website, it is important that

  • the cookie setting on your computer is enabled 
  • you don't have special filters that may interfere with accessing materials
  • if you get a notice that you need pay for the materials, this usually means your browser is incompatible with the publisher site and you access with another browser or if you are not using the latest browser version,  you should update it and try reaccessing.

If accessing from an employer computer, you may be denied access due to your employer's firewall set up. You would need to contact your IT department to disable such firewalls. In many cases, using a different computer for access resolves the conflicting issue. The form of the reading materials are dictated by the publisher and they determine how we can provide access to these copyrighted materials.

There are no refunds, exchanges or transfers for NCC CE modules. 

Scoring – how and when you will get your results

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Online submission results

CE  modules with online test submission will have the results available immediately in your NCC website account. Passing results will generate a certificate of completion, also found in your account.  If successful, you will see a copy of your examination  noting the questions you got right or wrong.  If you wish to have future access to this information, print out  a copy.  This information is not saved to your account.  If you want future reference to either the reading materials or test, it is recommended that you print them prior to submission of  your test.

CE module activity is automatically posted and specialty coded to your online maintenance application.  You will not have to enter or code these activities as it is done for you. Please note you cannot change the code of the CE module or use a CE module for maintenance if it is not coded to your specialty.  If you are not successful, you can retake the test a second time at no charge.  No feedback is provided to those who are not successful.

NOTE  Those who are selecting the alternate maintenance option to maintain (choosing not to take the assessment - core certified only), NCC CE modules will not automatically post to your online maintenance application and you will need to upload the module description and certificate as part of the maintenance application process.  You should save this information when you purchase and successfully complete the module. It is provided for you as a PDF.  Please note you cannot change the code of the CE module or use a CE module for maintenance if it is not coded to your specialty.


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Modules based on book chapters or articles (online modules)

  • $19.00 for 5 contact hour modules
  • $29.00 for 10 contact hour modules
  • $39.00 for 15 contact hour modules

There are no refunds or exchanges for NCC CE modules .

There are no refunds for those who do not achieve a passing score.

There are no refunds for expired modules.

There will be a $30 fee for any returned check or charge back on a credit card purchase.

Only Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are accepted.  Debit cards or other types of cards are NOT accepted. You can also pay by check.

All modules are online products.  Hard copy modules (delivered by mail) are no longer available.

Discounts on Maintenance Fees When Using NCC CE Modules

Discounts are afforded on NCC maintenance fees if you used NCC CE modules to maintain your NCC Certification.  (this applies only to core certifications and not certificate of added qualification)

  • If  15 hours of CE are used from NCC CE modules, the maintenance fee will be $80
  • If you use 30 hours of CE are used  from NCC CE modules,  the maintenance fee will be $70
  • If you use 45 hours of CE are used from NCC CE modules, the maintenance fee will be $60

All those certified must file a maintenance application and pay a maintenance fee to maintain their credential.

Specialty codes for maintenance

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Is my CE acceptable?

Hospital group discount system – for group purchases

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For Hospitals
Purchase NCC online modules for your staff in packs of 10, 25, 50 or 100.

For Participants

Overview of the hospital discount program

The hospital discount program is a great way to provide the NCC online CE modules to your staff for:

  • Continuing competency initiatives
  • Learning the new and latest practice updates
  • Maintaining their NCC certification
  • Providing orientation or refresher courses for new or returning employees

You can purchase multi-packs in the amount of 10, 25, 50 or 100 modules. Discounts are afforded but the more you purchase, the greater the discount.

Click  here for more details and list of available modules under the Hospital_Group Discount System.

What modules are available

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Any NCC web-based (online) can be purchased through the hospital discount program.

How it Works - Purchaser:

  • Your purchase confirmation will contain a CE Multi Pack code
  • Distribute this code to your participants
  • Participants have up to one year from purchase to use the codes
  • You will be sent an email notification of all those who have taken the exam

How it works - Participants:

  • access module through Hospital Discount Section under the CE Tab
  • enter the access code
  • select a module from the list
  • complete contact information
  • go to the online testing center to access test
  • receive feedback and certificate if successful



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Accreditation information:

All NCC CE Modules are: Provider approved by the California Board of Nursing Provider #15157.

Pharmacology hours

NCC does designate pharmacology hours for those modules designated as pharmacology modules.

Module expiration dates

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In order to keep our continuing education modules current—All modules have expiration dates. Once expired, modules are no longer available online.  Please note the expiration date before committing to purchase.  Once expired, they will no longer be accessible from your account.  There are no refunds or exchanges for expired modules.

Online submission deadlines

Online test submission for modules with a 12/31/2016 expiration date must be submitted for scoring before Midnight CST on 12/31/2016 or they will not be scored.

Online test submission for modules with a 12/31/2017 expiration date must be submitted for scoring before Midnight CST on 12/31/2017 or they will not be scored.

Online test submission for modules with a 12/31/2018 expiration date must be submitted for scoring before Midnight CST on 12/31/2018 or they will not be scored.