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Test your EFM skills at

May 31, 2017

The NCC EFM Tracing Game is part of the free EFM toolkit at This web game uses NICHD terminology to identify tracing elements and categorize EFM tracings. Thousands of professionals have taken advantage of this resource playing more than 130,000 games, since the toolkit’s launch last May. 

The first two tracing collections are FREE and the rest are on SALE!

Have you tested your EFM skills lately? - When considering the effectiveness of Electronic Fetal Monitoring, it comes down to the experience and knowledge of the person identifying the tracings. It takes that professional’s understanding of what the continuous tracings shows to properly assess the fetal condition.

The NCC EFM Tracing Game is just one of the valuable tools in the EFM toolkit. Professionals using Electronic Fetal Monitoring in their practice should also take advantage of:

Free EFM Resources Recommended by Experts – Linked articles and papers include the NCC monograph “Fetal Assessment and Safe Labor Management” authored by Kathleen Rice Simpson, PhD, RNC-OB, CNS-BC, FAAN.

One Team, One Language… Quality Outcomes – Peer-to-Peer video discussions on the value of EFM Board Certification.

CE Opportunities – Links to affordable CE specific to EFM.

EFM Certification – Eligibility and application process for becoming NCC EFM Certified.

Visit to access the EFM tracing game and to take full advantage of all the resources available in the EFM toolkit.