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2011 NCC Leadership Election

Sep 13, 2011

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You will need your NCC ID number to vote.  You can obtain your ID under your account, your certifications.

Voting will closed October 12, 2011.    The voting is now closed.

The NCC 2011 Leadership Election is now underway.   

Directors are elected to a three year term on a staggered rotation.  Each director may serve a total of three 3 year terms for a maximum total of nine years.   There are five board director nominees slated in 2011 who are seeking additional terms of service on the NCC Board of Directors. 

In addition, a certified nurse to serve as the Certified Nurse Representative to the Nominating Committee is also slated.   This position allows for direct certified nurse input into the nomination process.  The position serves a one year term, subject to re-nomination.   

The Nominating Committee has the responsibility of soliciting interest in service on the board and developing the slate of directors and the Certified Nurse Representative to the Nominating Committee for election by the certified population.  Officers of the Board are elected by the Board of Directors. The current composition of the NCC Board of Directors includes 12 members comprised of 10 nurses, one physician and one public member.