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Maintain your certification

Adding, Tracking and Submitting CE for Maintenance

All of the functions listed below can be accomplished in your online maintenance application. Select next to access your online maintenance application and to perform any of the following:

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  • Track your CE - see your education plan or CE listings to determine what CE is still needed and what CE has been applied
  • Manage your CE - view CE already entered/posted
  • Add CE - manually add/specialty code new CE activities or import your preapproved CE
  • Select alternate maintenance - choose your certification specialty and then sign off on the alternate maintenance requirements if you are electing not to take the assessment (RNCs and NPs only)
  • Submit your application and pay your maintenance fee when you have completed your CE requirements and are ready to submit.  It can take up to four weeks for the application to be processed so plan accordingly if you need your certification updated by a certain time. 

All of these functions are accessible to you and can be performed at any time during your maintenance period on demand and on an ongoing basis.

Other Key Points

  • Those who hold a RNC or NP credential, a continuing competency assessment is required generating your individualized CE education plan. It recommended you take the assessment at the start of each new maintenance cycle to allow maximum time to earn CE.
  • No CE earned prior to taking assessment can be applied to your maintenance
  • Alternate maintenance is for those who do not wish to take the assessment. This process is more complex and costly than regular maintenance if you don't want to take the CCI assessment (RNC and NP only)
  • Those holding a subspecialty certificate, e.g. EFM or NPT, et al., no assessment is required and your CE requirement is 15 hours in your subpspecialty area.
  • All NCC CE modules are automatically posted and coded to your application once you successfully complete them and you do not need to enter them or code them with the exception if you are electing alternate maintenance.
  • Those who hold legacy credentials - exams no longer offered should view the legacy maintenance catalogs for details on maintenance requirements.

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