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Maintain your certification

On-line Maintenance Application & Information

Maintenance On-Line

Add/track or submit your CE - Go your online maintenance application  


The online maintenance application is how CE is recorded and submitted.

Access to your personalized maintenance application can be obtained by selecting the  link above.  You must be signed into the NCC website with your email and password.    Mail in applications will not be accepted. 

You can add CE activities to your maintenance application on an ongoing basis.    Just don't submit your application until you are ready to do so.

Note - Using NCC CE modules to maintain does not automatically maintain your certificaiton, you must submit a maintenance application as well.

It can take up to 4 weeks depending on volume to process and update your certification with your new maintenance due date.  If  you need to have evidence of maintenance by your due date, it is recommended that you submit 4 weeks in advance of your due date.

Maintenance Requirements - CE Hour Requirements

CE is required for all core certifications at the start of each maintenance cycle. In Stage 2 (those due 2014 or later) the number of hours and the content areas will be specified by your continuing competency education plan.   - If you are due 2014 or later and haven't taken your Stage 2 Continuing Competency assessment, you should do so now.  NO CE earned prior to your taking the assessment can be used to maintain your certification.  Only CE earned after you have taken the assessment in accordance with your education plan can be used for maintenance.  Beginning in 2014, the specialty assessmenet should be taken at the beginning of each maintenance in order to obtain your individualized education plan.

All continuing education (CE) for core certifications must be in the certification specialty area i.e content that matches what is tested on the certification exam.   A list of specialty  codes from which you can choose is on the maintenance application.  Select the code that matches best to the content of your CE activities.  See detailed information on each code, click on the code and further information will appear

What is Specialty Content.

See Specialty Coding Brochure

See  Is My CE Acceptable

See the Maintenance Catalog

Preapproval of Maintenance


NCC CE modules will automatically appear in your maintenance application. 

The NCC Modules are automatically posted and specialty coded to your online maintenance application upon successful completion of them.  

BEFORE YOU START - You must be signed into the website to access your application

  1. Have all your information at hand. This includes your license number and expiration date, continuing education documents and credit card.  Mastercard, Visa and American Express are accepted.  Check payments are also accepted and you must have your routing number and your account number.  Both these items appears at the bottom of your check.
  2. Block out enough time to complete the process in one session. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the application.  There is no time limit.
  3. Once you enter CE activities that total 45 hours  or what is required by your education plan  (15 hours for certificates of added qualification), you will be automatically taken to the payment section of the application.  It is not necessary to enter CE hours beyond what is required.
  4. All CE activities must be assigned to an specialty code provided to the right of data entry maintnance application screen. Click on the associated code for each activity.
  5. If you are using alternate activities such as preceptorship hours, authorship of an article or a presenter of a program, use the program field to list preceptorship type (for example:  students in a WHNP program) name of the article/book you authored or name of the presentation you gave. In the sponsorship field, list the institution where the precepting occurred, journal or book was published or sponsor of the program where you made your  presentation.  Make sure you use the appropriate specialty code for each of these activities. And use only the designated hours afforded by NCC for such activities.   See the maintenance catalog for details.        
  6.  .Applications cannot be re-accessed or modified once you submit it.  Please REVIEW your application prior to submission for accuracy.

 THOSE WITH EXTENSIONS.  By signing in to the website, the site knows that you have extended.  You do not need to submit/upload any information about your extension..

  • Once you sign in to the site, most of your information will be pre-entered eliminating your having to enter the information including certifications and certificates of added qualification you hold.
  • Alert messages will let you know if you fail to enter required information or if you entered expired information, i.e., license, etc, or activities that fall outside your current period of certification.
  • You will be able to review all entered information including your listed CE prior to submitting the application.
  • You will receive an email confirmation of your application as well as a receipt.
  • You will be able to print your application and receipt at any time in the "your account" section.
  • Once your application is approved (it can take four weeks for processing to occur based on volume of applications received).  You will receive a notice in the mail once your application is approved and a receipt.   Your updated documentation of maintenance will first appear in your account.
  • Official documentation in the form a certificate or card can be downloaded free of charge from y our account.

NCC Press Releases (New feature)

You can now send press releases to those you wish to inform of your new certification or certificate of added qualification that you have successfully achieved or maintained your certification.  This is an excellent way to let your colleagues, supervisor, mentor or other leadership in your institution of your accomplishment.  You can initiate the press release at any time but should do so only after you have received official notification that you have successfully completed the certification or certification maintenance process.   This is not a substitute for primary source verifications and you can always download official documentation of your certification or certificate of added qualification from your account.  For newly certified, access the press release in your account, for those who are maintaining, access the press release from your maintenance order in your account.


  • Once your application has been approved, you will be notified by mail and you will be able to download your maintenance card directly from the website in the "your certifications" under your account section free of charge.

  • If a hard copy maintenance card is desired, you can order one at the time you submit your application. Cost is $35 and it will be delivered to you via ground federal express (delivery can take 3-7 days depending on location - street addresses only).


  • Please click on the submit button only once. Hitting it multiple times may lead to multiple charges to your credit card. If you have a problem with submission, email
  • Online submission doesn't automatically update your maintenance. Your application must be reviewed. Applications are reviewed on a first come first serve basis. Applications can take up to four weeks to complete the review process depending on volume. The closer to the deadline of submission, the longer the processing time.
  • If your application is incomplete for any reason, it will be returned to you and you will be subject to $10 reprocessing fee.
  • There are no refunds for any maintenance, reinstatement or extension fees.

Please note:  if filing on your last day - you must submit by midnight central time.