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Specialties » Low Risk Neonatal Nurse (LRN)

Low Risk Neonatal Nurse » Mother/Fetus (Code 1)



  • Assess Intrauterine Environment
  • Antepartal Fetal Testing
  • Fetal and  Placental Development

Maternal Complications Affecting the Newborn

  • Preexisting Maternal Conditions
  • Pregnancy Related Conditions
  • Environnmental and Lifestyle Factors


AIDS and HIV infections
Amniocentesis and other genetic testing
Assessment of Intrauterine Environment
Biophysical profile
Cord gas
Environmental factors affecting the fetus
Fetal and Placental Development
Fetal antepartum testing
Gestational diabetes
Gestational hypertension
Health history
Intrapartum factors affecting the neonate
Intrauterine growth restriction
Lung maturation studies
Maternal Factors Affecting fetus/newborn
Maternal factors/diseases affecting the newborn
Maternal medication fetal effects
Multiple gestation
Nonstress testing
Placenta previa
Placental abruption