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Is my CE acceptable? - Specialty Codes

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Other NCC codes » Author of a book chapter or journal article (Code 25)



  • 5 contact hours will be awarded to those who have written a journal article or a chapter of a book.
  • 15 contact hours will be awarded to those who are a primary or secondary author of a book.
  • 10 contact hours will be awarded to those who serve as reviewers or writers of a self assessment module or monograph.

Rules for Using Publications for Maintenance

  • The publication date of the article/book/module will determine its applicability for your current certification maintenance.
  • You are limited to using one article, book authorship or service as an NCC Self Assessment reviewer or monograph author per certification maintenance cycle.
  • Articles/books must be related to the certification specialty area.
  • Proof of authorship can be established by including a copy of the title page of the article with the title of the article, your name as author and the publication date. (not needed if submitted online)
  • For primary or secondary book authorship, pages from the book that identify the title, author and publication date must be submitted.
  • For self assessment reviewers or monograph writers, a copy of your continuing education certificate issued by NCC indicating your reviewer/writer role must be submitted. (not needed if submitting online)