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Change your Testing Date, Method of Testing or Exam Category

Candidates who cannot take their currently scheduled examination, have missed their testing date or need to take a different exam - can request a change. Candidates may request to change their examination category, reschedule their testing date or even change their method of testing, provided that they meet the requirements listed below. Candidates are only allowed one change option (ex. if you reschedule your examination date, you will not be able to change your examination category). All change requests must be approved by NCC and you may be required to provide additional information. There will be no refund of original fees or Change Request Form fees. Candidates who fail to take the examination under this change option must re-apply with full fees. Candidates rescheduling or changing to a computer test will be assigned to the next available testing window

In order to request a change you must:

  • submit the change request within one calendar year from
    • the date of the exam you are changing from paper/pencil, ICP or PEC candidates
    • the first date of your assigned testing window for computer candidates
  • Submit a non-refundable fee of $125 with the Change Request Form
  • use the online Change Request Form below (changes requested in any other format, will not be accepted)
  • candidates changing a current computer test must have canceled or never made their appointment to take the exam at an AMP center
  • candidates changing from a paper/pencil test must have their assigned test site code
  • candidates changing from an ICP test must have their assigned test site code
  • candidates changing from a PEC test must have their assigned PEC class code
  • candidates changing to a PEC test must have already enrolled in the PEC course and have their assigned PEC class code

Exam Change Request

I am currently scheduled for...


Cancellation My original Paper/Pencil Testing Site was Cancelled
Request submission* Have you submitted a previous request to reschedule your testing date, change your method of testing, or change your exam category?