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Certified Nurses Changing Lives – The Movie!

Aug 31, 2012

View the 6 minute Documentary!

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Earlier this year, NCC was asked to take part in an educational documentary series demonstrating real-life ways certified nurses in the obstetric, gynecologic and neonatal nursing specialties use their achievement of certification to positively affect patient care. While creating this educational segment, we asked the question – "What does the public actually know about certified nurses?"

Most of the public would be surprised to know that nurses get a generalist education and then are trained to work in specialty areas, most commonly by work experience  – not advanced education.  They are not aware that nurses, just like physicians, can be nationally certified in their nursing specialty.

Although all nurses meet competencies for their RN license dictated by the state they are in, the NCC certified nurse not only demonstrates her specialty knowledge by completing a rigorous national examination, but is willing to reassess that knowledge throughout her career.

Certification is an asset to the field of nursing, insuring that nurses keep up with the changes in health care and continue their education within their specialty. Certification attributes to standardization of knowledge and is a critical aspect of making care better among patients in need of specialist care.

Nurses who are certified are not only self-confident in their knowledge base, but they enhance their professional creditability and share the goal to insure that patients will have the best outcomes.

The educational series has three segments:

  • 6 minute Public Education Segment – Narrowcasted  to 1 million people -- VIEW NOW!
  • 4.5 minute Public Education Segment – Public Television Distribution to an estimated 60 million households
  • 1 minute Public Education Segment  – Cable Television Distribution to an estimated 30 million households -- VIEW NOW!

Certified nurses are everywhere, but patients are unaware of their availability or their impact on health care.  NCC believes the public has a right and an obligation to be an educated member of their own healthcare team.

NCC certified nurses making a difference in the health care of women and their children.