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Certified Nurses Day - March 19

Mar 3, 2014

"Why Certified?"

As a certified nurse, you have chosen to seek out certification to demonstrate your expertise, knowledge and commitment. You have maintained your specialty knowledge and kept up with the changes in health care though ongoing targeted education.

Your commitment to your patients and their families is shown, as you hold yourself accountable for continued competency throughout your career.

Certification is your contribution to better patient outcomes and the advancement of the nursing profession.

NCC recognizes your dedication and has prepared a series of videos that show how important you, as a certified nurse, are to the support of the healthcare system. If anyone has every asked you "Why Certified" -  visit our YouTube Channel and share these important messages about - you - the certified nurse.

What is Certified Nurses Day

Certified Nurses Day is a national day to honor and recognize the important achievements of Certified Nurses.

Certified Nurses Day is March 19, the birthday of Margreta ‘Gretta' Madden Styles, the renowned expert of nurse credentialing. Styles designed the first comprehensive study of nurse credentialing and as an accomplished advocate for nursing standards and certification, Styles spent more than two decades advancing nursing practice and regulation.