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The New Continuing Competency Initiative

Dec 17, 2009

 Download Continuing Competency Initiative Brochure

Chart that overviews the program and identifies specific requirements based on maintenance due date.

A new continuing competency initiative will become part of NCC’s certification maintenance program beginning in June 2010.

Focused on providing tools to the certified nurse and nurse practitioner to assess continuing education needs through a specialty assessment evaluation, the new program will be implemented in two stages. 

Stage 1 will require everyone to take a 125 question specialty assessment evaluation at the NCC website beginning in June 2010 through December 31, 2013, that will provide content feedback information to you on your certification specialty knowledge competencies.  There is no pass/fail.  This is for feedback purposes only and to familiarize you with the assessment process which will be integral to the maintenance process in 2014.

In Stage 2, beginning 2014, the results of the specialty assessment evaluation will drive what CE is needed for certification maintenance which in most cases will decrease your CE requirements.

The program will be applicable only to NCC certified nurses and nurse practitioners.  For those holding credentials no longer offered by NCC or who hold a certificate of added qualification, the new requirements will not apply.  Download the continuing competency brochure for full details.  

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