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Continuing NCC's Recognition Initiative with PSAs...

Jun 1, 2013

Last year, NCC was asked to take part in an educational documentary series. The documentary discusses how certified nurses use their achievement of certification to positively affect patient care. During the filming of this documentary, NCC also created a 1 minute Public Service Announcement titled "NCC Certified Nurses Changing Lives".

NCC's PSA has been accepted into the broadcast rotation of network and independent stations throughout the country. It has already been viewed over 17 million times. While watching your local stations, you may see the broadcast or if you can't wait - click here to view on NCC's YouTube channel and share it.

NCC will continue to tell the general public about certified nurses through PSAs, social media and website campaigns. As an NCC certified nurse feel free to download the "NCC Certified Nurses Changing Lives" logo to generate public awareness within your unit and community. Just click one of the links below to use this logo in your team building efforts. Or visit the NCC web store to choose from a variety of items.

"NCC Certified Nurses Changing Lives" logo as a Portable Network Graphic (png) file

"NCC Certified Nurses Changing Lives" logo as a Digital Photo/jpg file

(all proceeds from NCC Certified Nurses Changing Lives products are used to fund efforts to promote certification)