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Don’t have time to travel to conferences? NCC has CE to fit with your busy schedule!

Apr 27, 2017

It can be time consuming and expensive to travel to professional conferences to earn CE.

If you prefer to use CE options that are “close to home”, there are none closer than CE from NCC. You can purchase and access NCC continuing education modules from, 24/7. The modules are available as soon as your transaction is complete. 

TIME-SAVING BONUS: Modules are automatically entered into your NCC maintenance application, as soon as they are passed. It cannot get any more convenient than that!

NCC continuing education modules are offered in a wide range of topics and contact hours to fit almost everyone’s needs. With costs ranging from $8 for 2 hours to $39 for 15 hours, CE from NCC is priced to be a valued resource!

Spring’s top 15 selling modules – these are the CE modules that your peers feel are most important to their practice.

WB1730 Assess and Manage Common Problems in the Term Newborn
WB1701 EFM Monograph: Fetal Assessment and Safe Labor Management
WB1807 Ethical Aspects of Periviability
WB1826 EFM Interpretation Challenges- Category II and Beyond
WB1704 Postpartum Problems
WB1815 Opioid Pharmacology
WB1705 Preeclampsia
WB1703 Technology Impact on Nursing Practice
WB1743 Neonatal Transition
WB1817 Perinatal Aspects of Cannabis Use
WB1836 Neonatal Drug Therapies-Current Evidence
WB1830 Medical Emergencies in Pregnancy
WB1710 Induction of Labor
WB1750 Breastfeeding Essentials
WB1738 Obstetric Safety and Quality

PS: If you plan to use this CE for your NCC maintenance, read the news story "Remember to take the specialty assessment - before earning CE!" - Make sure that the CE you purchase is part of your education plan.

PPS: Please share this story with your colleagues…you don’t have to be certified to use NCC CE!