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Featured CE from NCC . . . Issues in Professional Licensing

Aug 2, 2013

WB1423 Issues in Professional Licensing  An easy way to earn your 5 hours of CE in the core competency of Professional Practice

  • Did you know that the main purpose of the state boards of nursing is to protect the public and not the nurse?
  • Are you aware your license can be jeopardized by behavior not related to your practice, for example, a default on a loan and a host of other behaviors can have an impact on your nursing license?
  • Are you aware of the risks social media can pose to your license?
  • Do you know your rights if an investigation is started by a state board about you?
  • Do you know how to take common sense preventive actions to protect your license?

Not all state boards have the same rules and regulations so it is important you know about your particular state board and how it operates.

The NCC CE module WB1423 Issues in Professional Licensing is a great way to sharpen your knowledge in this critical area of your practice and is based on articles listed below. Learn more about this important topic.

  • Common Misconceptions about Professional Licensure
  • Professional Licensure: Investigation and Disciplinary Action
  • Professional Licensure Protection Strategies

If you need 5 hours for the professional practice core competency for your NCC education plan, this informational module, can be a perfect way to meet those hour requirements. For $19 earn 5 hours in this important topic:

WB1423 Issues in Professional Licensing - click here to order

Be aware and be prepared about what can affect you and your nursing or advanced practice license!