NCC Philosophy of Testing

A philosophy of testing is a point of view, a system of beliefs about testing. NCC believes tests should be fair, reflect essential special knowledge and provide the test-taker an opportunity to demonstrate what they know. NCC believes tests should have passing scores that clearly differentiate candidates with special knowledge from those who do not possess this essential information.

NCC provides examinations to evaluate special knowledge of nurses and other health care providers seeking recognition of their expertise in the areas of primary care, obstetrics, gynecologic or neonatal specialty practice.

Certification and subspecialty examinations provide an opportunity for the qualified candidate to demonstrate what they know and be publicly recognized for this knowledge.

As an item writer, you will have the task to devise test questions that assist the candidate in demonstrating their expert knowledge. This is in conjunction with requirements that may be stipulated as part of eligibility criteria.

NCC is committed to providing an examination program that is practice based and psychometrically sound. Item writers are where the process all begins. You play an essential and important role in test development.

We welcome you to the NCC test development process. We hope that you find the experience challenging and professionally rewarding.