Final Words of Advice

To write quality test items remember to:

  • Review the rules
  • Reference the correct answer
  • Rest and reread before using

Rules to Remember for Item Writing

General Rules

  • Write questions from your real life practice
  • Aim at a specific topic or concept
  • Reread and rewrite item (as necessary) before sending items in
  • Avoid trick, insignificant or esoteric topics
  • Avoid indefinite or absolute terms: often, sometimes, never, all
  • Reference all items and include reference when sending to the NCC office

Multiple Choice Item Rules

  • Stem should lay out the problem
  • Options homogeneous in content, form, grammatical structure
  • All options should be plausible
  • To increase difficulty, increase homogeneity of options
  • All options should have a similar number of words
  • Place answer options in alphabetical order to randomize answer position