Dear Colleague:

You have taken the first step to making a difference in the NCC certification program by volunteering to become an item writer for one of NCC's certification or subspecialty examinations. On behalf of the NCC Board of Directors, I want to offer my thanks to you for sharing your expertise with NCC on this important aspect of certification.

Item Writing Guidelines and Strategies

This section will give you an organizational overview of NCC and the test development process as well as specific instruction on how to write items for NCC in the NCC style. It is essential that you review this section and write questions in accordance with the guidelines.

Item Submission Template Form

This will advise you of the format in which items must be submitted. Failure to meet these guidelines will result in your questions not being considered for further review in the process. You must include a copy of the reference you are using to document your question and items must be submitted one page per item.

Topic Areas and Rationale Samples

Included are the general topics from the NCC Content Outline for each of the NCC core examinations.

You can write on any topic but we encourage you to write practice–based, management and application type questions. Most of the NCC examinations have been given over a long period of time and the basic type of information is well covered in the item bank. Focus your questions on complex management, underlying physiology, common misconceptions and situations that come from your daily practice.

Rationales provide a context for the questions and will assist item reviewers in their review of the questions. Rationales discuss the reasons why the right answer is right and the wrong answer is wrong as well as, if warranted, the context of why the question is a good assessment of knowledge. Samples of rationales are provided.

We look forward to receiving your questions and to your future involvement in the activities of NCC supporting professional excellence.

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Catherine L. Witt, MSN, NNP-BC, PhD
President, NCC