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NCC CE Modules that will be discontinued at the end of this year!

Sep 2, 2017

Continuing Education from NCC offers affordable and convenient ways to maintain specialty knowledge competencies and keep abreast of the latest practice updates.

To keep these educational offerings current and relevant, NCC adds new modules throughout the year and REMOVES modules at the end of every year. The expiration date for each module is posted on the order page.

Below is a listing of modules that will no longer be accessible after December 31, 2017. All 2017 modules must be purchased and completed before the end of this year.

Don't Miss Out - order before they are no longer available.

Remember to take your specialty assessment and refer to your personalized Education Plan - before you earn CE! Make sure that the CE you purchase is appropriate for your NCC Maintenance!

Electronic Fetal Monitoring & Assessment
WB1701 EFM Monograph: Fetal Assessment and Safe Labor Management

High Risk Neonatal
WB1702 Neonatal Infections
WB1724 Neonatal Pulmonary Function
WB1725 Common Newborn Hematologic Disease
WB1731 Conditions Prompting NICU Admission
WB1733 PPHN Update
WB1739 Opioid Use in Neonates
WB1741 Congenital Heart Disease
WB1742 Necrotizing Enterocolitis
WB1744 Neonatal Hypotonia
WB1745 Neonatal Respiratory Disease
WB1747 Retinopathy of Prematurity

Maternal Newborn
WB1704 Postpartum Problems
WB1722 Cord Clamping
WB1729 Neurobiology of Maternal Attachment
WB1730 Assess and Manage Common Problems in the Term Newborn
WB1736 Sensory Development in the Neonate
WB1743 Neonatal Transition
WB1748 Postpartum Management
WB1750 Breastfeeding Essentials

WB1705 Preeclampsia
WB1708 Multiple Gestation
WB1710 Induction of Labor
WB1717 Skin to Skin Care in the Operating Room After Cesarean Birth
WB1721 Respiratory Disease in Pregnancy
WB1723 Substance Use During Pregnancy
WB1726 Obesity in the Labor Patient
WB1727 Biology of Parturition
WB1728 Cardiac Diseases in Pregnancy
WB1746 Modes of Delivery: Advantages, Challenges and Complications

WB1711 Pharmacology in Pregnancy
WB1718 GI Pharmacology
WB1734 Antimicrobial Stewardship: Neonatal Focus

Professional Practice Issues
WB1703 Technology Impact on Nursing Practice
WB1738 Obstetric Safety and Quality

Women's Health Care
WB1706 Reproductive Age Issues In Women's Health
WB1707 The Pelvic Examination and Papanicolaou Smear
WB1709 Obesity in Pregnancy
WB1712 Female and Male Infertility
WB1713 Menstrual Disorders
WB1714 Methods of Fertility Control
WB1715 Prevention of Heart Disease in Women
WB1716 Menopause Management
WB1719 Cervical Cancer Screening
WB1720 Osteoporosis
WB1749 Urinary Incontinence in Women