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NCC CE Modules – Top Sellers and New Releases

May 2, 2018

Using professional conferences to earn continuing education (CE) can be time-consuming and expensive. CE from NCC offers affordable continuing education that can be earned at home. 

Purchase and complete CE modules from, 24/7. Passing modules are automatically entered into your NCC maintenance application. CE from NCC is a time-saving and convenient resource!

NCC offers CE modules for all certification core competency areas in a wide range of topics and contact hours.  With costs ranging from $15 for 3 hours to $39 for 15 hours, CE from NCC is an affordable and valuable resource!

TOP 15 SELLING MODULES – these are the CE modules that your peers feel are most important to their practice.

WB1807 Ethical Aspects of Periviability
WB1909 Common Neonatal Conditions
WB1830 Medical Emergencies in Pregnancy
WB1923 Intrapartum Fetal Heart Rate Tracings and NICHD Nomenclature
WB1926 Postpartum Complications: Attention to Warning Signs
WB1903 Evaluation & Care of the Term Newborn
WB1826 EFM Interpretation Challenges- Category II and Beyond
WB1810 Creating Foundations for Patient Safety and Quality
WB1816 Rising Concerns: Neonatal Withdrawal Syndrome
WB1817 Perinatal Aspects of Cannabis Use
WB1915 Neonatal Transition-Events Expected & Unexpected
WB1840 Methods of Estimation of Fetal Well Being
WB1815 Opioid Pharmacology
WB1924 Maternal Conditions Affecting Pregnancy Outcomes
WB1838 Postpartum Depression


WB1902 Breastfeeding Physiology
WB1910 ANA Code of Nursing Ethics 
WB1927 Uterotonic Medications for Uterine Atony
WB1930 Neonatal Ventilatory Support- Nursing Perspectives
WB1931 The Prenatal Patient- Common Issues and Concerns
WB1932 Evaluation & Management of Neonatal Emesis
WB1934 Male Reproductive Examination

If you plan to use these modules to maintain you certification - review your education plan! Only CE earned after you have taken the Assessment and specified by the Education Plan can be used towards NCC maintenance.

Share these resources with your colleagues!  You don’t have to be NCC certified to use NCC CE modules.