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NCC Certified Nurses Changing Lives

Nov 28, 2013

While NCC continues to tell the general public about certified nurses through Public Service Announcements, social media and website campaigns. The NCC CafePress web store has a variety of products that you can use to generate public awareness within your unit and community.

Every purchase from the NCC CafePress webs store serves dual purpose in promoting the expertise, knowledge and commitment of NCC certified nurses.
• Using a product with the NCC Certified Nurses logo shows your personal commitment to certification.
• All proceeds from NCC Certified Nurses products are used to fund certified nurses promotional efforts.

You can also support public awareness by displaying a NCC unit recognition plaque. Proudly acknowledge the expertise and professionalism of the certified nurses in your unit. Your patients respect the accomplishments of those who provide their care. Download a NCC Unit Recognition Plaque order form for details and specifications.


Take a moment to do some holiday shopping for yourself or your unit and help promote awareness of certified nurses.