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NCC Certified and Proud? Visit the new web store!

Nov 4, 2012

NCC is working with to create useful and fun items for NCC Certified Nurses. This new web store allows you to choose various products and then decide between two different designs. The proceeds from this web store will be used to fund NCC's continuing efforts to promote certification.

Start a conversation . . . carry a NCC Certified Nurses bag and when asked about it - talk about your specialty and your certification.
Make it uniquely yours . . . be the first in your unit to use a NCC Certified Nurses mug or water bottle - bright and lively items that stands out.
Show personality and style .  . . add a protective NCC Certified Nurses case to your smart phone - awesome technology needs a good-looking, tough case.

Every purchase that you make helps promote the certified nurses' expertise, knowledge and commitment to quality care in a couple of ways.
• Using a product with the NCC Certified Nurses logo shows your personal commitment to certification.
• All proceeds from NCC Certified Nurses products will be used to fund efforts to promote certification.

Take a moment to do some early Holiday shopping and pick something up for yourself. Click on the link below: