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NCC is looking for a few good…stories

Jan 27, 2017

NCC, along with other certifying organizations, created the Certified Nurses video sharing app to give our certified nurses an outlet to share their stories with us and their colleagues.

We want to hear how certification has helped the nurses in our community either personally or professionally. Visit to see video stories from nurses certified in many different specialties. Then take a few moments to add your story! 

Your story has an important purpose!  We need your real-life engagement to help us create a public awareness announcement (PSA). NCC feels that consumers need to know that there are proficient, well-educated NCC certified professionals available for their care.

These short video stories (from all participating nursing specialties) will be reviewed and edited into one cohesive message. So far NCC certified nurses only have a few videos uploaded. NCC wants our nursing community to be well-represented when it comes time to create the PSA.

You can access the video sharing app using the link below, this program can also be used directly from the app website.

BONUS: To help celebrate the upcoming Certified Nurses Day on March 19th, NCC will randomly select 5 of the uploaded videos to receive a NCC CE module or a copy of Golden Hours – Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Infant for free.

We all have a story… We would love to hear yours!


1. Download the app (iphone, android or use directly from the website)
2. Tap the video recorder art (bottom center)
3. Select your organization and your certification
4. Tap through the message and hit record
5. Review the tutorial
6. Record your message
7. Review your video…you can submit, re-record or delete
8. Send your video
9. Enter you name and email


• pair up and have a friend hold the phone while you are recording
• hold the phone up a bit higher than your face… everyone looks better from the top