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NCC is pleased to announce the launch of our video sharing app – Certified Nurses

Mar 6, 2016

NCC, in collaboration with other certifying organizations, created the Certified Nurses app to give certified nurses an opportunity to share how certification has affected their nursing career, enhanced collegial and interprofessional relationships, improved the ability to effect change in the workplace and provide opportunities to serve as an advocate for quality and safe patient care.

The Certified Nurses app is free and available through iTunes & Google Play.

Video stories are shared on the video wall, social media and on many certifying organizations websites. Some of the shared stories will be edited into one cohesive message for a new recognition campaign - “Certification is Transformational”. Your video submission could be part of this message.

Take a moment to download the app and share with us how becoming certified has helped transform your career and has impacted your life. Your thoughts will be shared on the video wall and the Certified Nurses YouTube channel.

We all have a story… share yours!