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NCC to Develop a New Multidisciplinary Exam on Neonatal Pediatric Transport

Apr 15, 2007

NCC commissioned a Task Force earlier this year to review the possibility of development of a Neonatal Pediatric Transport examination.   Based on nearly 1000 responses of interest to a website survey about possibly offering such an exam, the NCC Board of Directors felt confident in moving forward with this endeavor.  The task force developed a preliminary content outline and competency statements along with a detailed business plan which brought the approval of the Board to proceed with development of the examination. 

The exam will be multidisciplinary in focus and will allow nurses, nurse practitioners, respiratory therapists and physicians to participate.  This unique perspective differentiates the exam from other transport examinations that are currently available which focus primarily on adult populations.  The task force and survey comments uniquely highlighted the need for recognition of those performing transport services to the neonatal and pediatric populations which require specific and different knowledge bases and skill sets than what is involved with the transport of adults.   

We thank those who participated in the Task Force and those who participated in the survey.  

Neonatal Pediatric Transport Task Force members:

Karen Kinlaw, RNC, Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, Florida
Rose Linsler, RN, BSN, CCRN, Intermountain Healthcare Life Flight, Utah
Sherry McCool, RRT, NPS, CFC, Children’s Mercy Critical Care Transport, Missouri
Susan Orlando, DNS, ARPN-NNP-C, Louisiana State University Health Science Center School of Nursing, Louisiana
Jan Romito, RNC, MSN, NNP, Pediatric Medical Group, Texas
Judith Sherif, RN, CPN, BSN, MN, Children’s Hospital, California
Howard Stein, MD, Toledo Children’s Hospital, Ohio


The Task Force next meets in November of this year.  It is hoped that the new exam can debut by the end of 2008.   Watch for updates and details on this new examination on the NCC website.