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NCC to speak at the CAC Public Outreach Conference

Mar 1, 2013

The Citizen Advocacy Center (CAC), Washington DC, has asked NCC to present as part of a panel at their April 2013 Public Outreach Conference. Fran Byrd, NNP-BC, MPH, Director of NCC Strategic Initiatives will be speaking on the NCC public outreach program titled "Just Ask for Certified Nurses".

First broadcast in August 2011 "Just Ask" is a public education program designed to empower women and their families to be more knowledgeable health care consumers. Developed based on the following statement:
Nurses are the foremost provider of care throughout the health care system - but what does the public actually know about nursing?

Through the "Just Ask" campaign NCC posed this question to the general public:
Your accountant is certified, and when you want to be sure, you send certified mail. You even eat certified organic fruit. Now that you’re having a baby… How about the nurses at your hospital? Are they certified?

During the 2011 and 2012 television broadcast of "Just Ask" experienced a 49% increase in web traffic as individuals clicked to learn more about certified nurses. This success led  to the 2012 public television campaign "Certified Nurses Changing Lives" and the upcoming 2013 campaign "Certified Nurses are Everywhere".

Fran will address the many components that go into an public outreach campaign, including Research, Message, Strategy and  Outcomes. She will answer questions from other non-profits desiring  to learn from NCC's success and considering a launch of their own public education campaign. If you would like to learn more about the CAC public Outreach Conference, visit their website at