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Planning to attend the June 2013 AWHONN Convention?

Mar 29, 2013

The 2013 AWHONN Convention Sessions List sorted by nursing specialty and NCC maintenance codes can help you plan for your NCC Certification Maintenance.

NCC has provided AWHONN with the NCC CE specialty codes for the June 2013 AWHONN Convention Sessions. The sessions have been sorted by nursing specialty, qualifying NCC Education Plan Codes and only include the sessions that are appropriate for each nursing specialty content area. This information is available on the AWHONN convention website, in the CNE section (click to assess) and will be provided in your convention bag.

Please use this linked listing to help plan for your CE needs while attending the convention.

If your NCC maintenance is due in 2013, simply check the qualifying sessions for CE in your nursing specialty.

If your NCC maintenance is due in 2014, 2015 or beyond, compare the coded qualifying sessions to your Stage 2 Education Plan and choose sessions that meet the content hour needs outlined by your individualized Education Plan. REMEMBER: in Stage 2, only CE earned AFTER completion of the specialty assessment tool can be used for NCC certification maintenance and all CE earned must address the needs as outlined by the individualized Education Plan which develops from the Stage 2 specialty assessment.