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  • Package price: $150.00
  • Number of uses: 10

For purchasing of these modules:

This multi pack allows each participant to take one of the following modules:

  • WB1807 Ethical Aspects of Periviability
  • WB1813 Screening for Breast Cancer
  • WB1822 Intracranial Hemorrhage and Related Injuries
  • WB1817 Perinatal Aspects of Cannabis Use
  • WB1801 Prematurity & Breastfeeding: GI Maturation and Growth Aspect
  • WB1808 Physiological Aspects of Preterm Infant Skin
  • WB1804 Prematurity and Breastfeeding: Milk Supply and Maternal Support
  • WB1824 Zika Virus Overview
  • WB1803 Benign Breast Disorders
  • WB1818 Induction of Labor Issues
  • WB1825 Role of Skin to Skin Contact for Preterm Infants
  • WB1827 Post Term Pregnancy
  • WB1833 Neonatal Akyloglossia and Breastfeeding
  • WB1828 Drug Safety in Pregnancy
  • WB1815 Opioid Pharmacology
  • WB1802 Second Stage Labor
  • WB1831 Preterm Labor
  • WB1832 Principles and Use of Neonatal Pulse Oximetry
  • WB1806 Neonatal Sepsis: Blood, Biofluid & Biomarker Assessments
  • WB1829 Obstetric Lacerations
  • WB1838 Postpartum Depression
  • WB1835 Cardiac Emergencies in Pregnancy
  • WB1851 Overview of Antibiotic Resistance
  • WB1810 Creating Foundations for Patient Safety and Quality
  • WB1911 Adnexal Masses
  • WB1856 Clinical Impact:Statistical Principles & Feasibility studies
  • WB1855 Common GI Disorders
  • WB1857 Cardiovascular Risk in Women
  • WB1906 Bladder Conditions in Women
  • WB1909 Common Neonatal Conditions
  • WB1908 Prediabetes
  • WB1907 Ultrasound in Pregnancy
  • WB1920 Uterine Contractility and Dystocia
  • WB1901 The Compromised Fetus
  • WB1921 Pathophysiology of Hypoglycemia in the Neonate
  • WB1926 Postpartum Complications: Attention to Warning Signs
  • WB1928 Managing Labor-Prevailing Strategies
  • WB1902 Breastfeeding Physiology
  • WB1927 Uterotonic Medications for Uterine Atony

Module description

How it Works - Purchaser:

  • Your purchase confirmation will contain a CE Multi Pack code
  • Distribute this code to your participants
  • You will be sent a email notification of all those who have taken the exam

How it works - Participants:

  • access module through Hospital Discount Section under the CE Tab
  • enter the access code
  • select a module from the list
  • complete contact information
  • go to the online testing center to access test
  • receive feedback and certificate if successfuly