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Continuing Education modules, Pretests, or ACP

Modules Have Not Posted to the Maintenance Application

There are primary two reasons why module(s) will not post to your maintenance application

  • You have selected the alternate maintenance option and in this maintenance option you must manually enter any CE activity to your maintenance application including NCC CE modules.  You can get a copy of your certificate from your account and module description from the browse module page on home page of the NCC  website.   If the module is no longer current, you can get the module description by entering module number and name into any internet browser
  • The module you selected was not part of your core competencies.   You can check the code assigned by going to the module description and viewing what core competencies the module was assigned. Please note you cannot change the code of a module or use a module that is not coded to your specialty.
  • If neither of the issues are applicable, email with specifics.