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Continuing Education modules, Pretests, or ACP

Pretest Program

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Earn Free CE For Participating in the Pretest Program (select your pretest below)

The Pretest Program provides an opportunity for you to assist NCC is testing newly developed questions and earn CE. If you are certified by NCC in a core or subspecialty certification that is currently being offered, you are eligible to participate in the pretest program and earn FREE CE.

How it Works

The pretest program provides you with 50 newly developed questions in your specialty that NCC is pretesting.  The questions are multiple choice and you have one hour to complete them.  There is no grade to the pretests and 1 CE is earned for each pre-test taken.  This CE can be applied to any specialty code you choose, in your education plan, for the core certification and will be automatically downloaded to your maintenance application.  For subspecialty pretests, all CE earned through the program will apply to your subspecialty maintenance.  This program will allow NCC to collect data on new questions and insure they are statistically and psychometrically sound prior to using them on real certification exams.  

Questions may cover all content areas tested on an examination or focus only on one or several content areas.  Questions may be duplicative in term of the way the questions presented.  Questions covering the same topic may be asked from knowledge viewpoint or in a clinical scenario format.

  • Pretests are free and each pretest provides 1 CE (Please note when you "Add to Cart" the price is $0.00)
  • All pretests ask 50 multiple choice questions and the CE can be applied to any specialty code for core certification and will count for any subspecialty maintenance.
  • The pretest are timed.  You have one hour to complete it at one sitting and assign the CE code.  Once you exit, you cannot go back and retrieve it.   Make sure you have the time do it.  If you don't answer all the questions, no CE will be awarded. You will not be able to go back in and complete it or add CE if you go beyond the one hour. Know the specialty code you want to assign prior to taking the pretest. If you exit without assigning a code, you cannot go back to assign it later.
  • You may take up to 5 pretests (based on availability) in your specialty each maintenance cycle but cannot take the same pretest more than once.
  • You cannot earn more than 5 hours of CE each maintenance cycle from taking pretests.
  • No feedback is provided on the pretests and results are only used for statistical analysis  and is not linked to anyone who has participated
  • You will not receive CE certificate as this CE is applicable to NCC maintenance only
  • Please choose your CE code carefully it cannot be changed once it is assigned.
  • Pretests can only be taken by actively certified individuals and currently offered by NCC
  • You can only take a pretest for a certification you currently hold
  • The CE is automatically entered into your maintenance application in the code you have chosen or in your subspecialty area. Please note, the CE can only be viewed in your maintenance application.
  • If you hold a core certification (LRN, MNN, NNP, WHNP, INPT, NIC) you must complete the assessment for your maintenance cycle and have an educational plan in place. This provides you with the information you need to know what core area you want to apply the CE to. If you take the test prior to the assessment you will have to alternative maintenance.
  • You have three months from the time you sign up for a pretest to take it, however it must be completed before the expiration date (Whichever comes first).

If you are not already signed in, you must "sign in" to see the pretests available for your specialty. Since pretest questions are potentially test questions, the questions are delivered on a secure platform and you will need to sign a security agreement stating you will not share any information from the pretest with others.  Click on a pretest link to participate and earn CE.