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Share Your Story - Winner Chooses Their Prize

Sep 30, 2016

The Certified Nurses FREE app was created to give certified nurses an opportunity to share their story – via video.

“Luveanurse” shared her story about RNC-MNN Certification and won a copy of Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Infant book. Take a moment to hear her story and then download the app and share yours!

The Certified Nurses app is free and available through iTunes & Google Play.

These 30 second video stories are shared on, YouTube and social media. Some of the shared stories will be edited into one cohesive message for a new public recognition campaign. Your video could be part of this message.

NCC will randomly select a winner from the videos uploaded this month. The winner will choose their own prize from the Certified Nurses are Everywhere! webstore, the NCC Certified Nurses Changing Lives webstore OR they can choose a NCC CE module

How has certification made a difference in your professional career?  Share your personal message or get a group from your unit to do a message together. Tell others how “Certificate is Transformational”.

Take a moment to download the app.  

We all have a story… share yours!

App Instructions

  1.  Download the app (iphone and android or use the app website)
  2. Tap the video recorder art (bottom center)
  3. Select your organization and your certification
  4. Tap through the message and hit record
  5. Review the tutorial
  6. Record your message
  7. Review your video…you can submit, re-record or delete
  8. Send your video to
  9. Enter you name and email


•  pair up and have a friend hold the phone while you are recording
•  hold the phone up a bit higher than your face… everyone looks better from the top