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Telephone Nursing Exam to be Discontinued

Jul 24, 2007

After December 31, 2007, NCC will no longer offer the Telephone Nursing Practice examination.   Due to sluggish growth over the last six years since the examination was first offered in 2001, increasing difficulty in development of a consensus by the Content Team of the content to be tested, a trend of declining psychometric performance due to the low number taking the examination and fee income unable to support the cost of exam development and administration, the Board of Directors decided to discontinue the examination.


This decision in no way affects those already certified.  Their status will remain in effect as long as they maintain their RNC credential.  They may continue to do so by earning 45 contact hours of continuing education on the required three year maintenance cycle.  If the certification is not maintained, the credential will lapse since there will be no exam for retesting purposes to regain it.  While the Board understands the need for recognition for these specialized nurses, the decision to discontinue the exam was a difficult one but all interventions to address the identified problems failed to resolve fundamental issues with test development or to increase the candidate population.   The exam will be offered until the end of this year -- December 31, 2007.