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Who do you know? Help NCC continue your story!

Nov 4, 2012

NCC plans to continue telling the general public about certified nurses and we could use your help!

NCC would like to have NCC certified nurses and nurse practitioners discuss the role of the certified nurse with various news outlets. We believe that this a powerful and timely message as certification insures that nurses keep up with the changes in health care and continue their education within their specialty. That the public has a right to be an educated member of their own healthcare team and they should be aware of the availability of the certified nurse.

But interestingly, in the world of broadcast media - who you know is an important factor.

So we ask that think about your friends, relatives and even neighbors. If you know someone in broadcast media (TV, Cable, Internet) and you think that they would be interested in hearing  about NCC Certified Nurses - please contact Cyndi Scovel, NCC Media and Special Projects,

NCC is planning for 2013 and with your help... we can continue your story!