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Why Certified Nurses?

Feb 1, 2014

The National Certification Corporation (NCC) is pleased to offer the following video presentation that discusses how certified nurses promote quality patient care, patient safety and consumer satisfaction. And how certification supports professional practice and pride, by providing validation of a nurse's Knowledge...Expertise...and Commitment.

It is more and more common for organizations to consider the credentialing of their staff to be a crucial component of their overall patient safety initiatives.

A number of recent articles; including, A Comprehensive Perinatal Patient Safety Program to Reduce Preventable Adverse Outcomes and Costs of Liability Claims,  Simpson KR, Kortz CC, Knox E.  As found in The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, November 2009, Volume 35, Number 11, Pages 565-574, highlight the use of NCC's EFM examination within perinatal initiatives. The article shows documented reductions in adverse patient outcomes, as well as in the costs of liability claims and recommends ? “Certification of all members of the perinatal team in electronic fetal monitoring by the National Certification Corporation.” - to address critical aspects of clinical care.

Organizations  that the American Nurses Credentialing Center recognize with a Magnet designation (national recognition as a healthcare provider demonstrating quality patient care, nursing excellence and innovations in professional nursing practice) on average, report that the majority of their RN decision-makers hold a nationally recognized certification.

NCC’s Professional Development Maintenance Program provides independent third party validation of the certified nurse's knowledge competencies and has been applauded by national advocates for consumer healthcare interests, as an appropriate step in demonstrating accountability and continuing competency throughout a professional career.

"Why Certified Nurses?" . . .  take a moment to review this video presentation and let NCC provide the answer.