NCC Code of Conduct

The National Certification Corporation (NCC) provides a national certification program for healthcare professionals in obstetric-gynecologic and neonatal settings. NCC encourages every NCC certified professional to uphold the highest ethical standards.

NCC Code of Professional Conduct

Certificants are expected to comply with all certification requirements as a professional responsibility understanding both personal and professional responsibility for:

  1. Reporting any loss of licensure
  2. Providing accurate information and following testing, assessment or security procedures
  3. Keeping up to date with information and changes in the certification process
  4. Keeping personal NCC profiles up to date and notifying NCC of any changes in address, email or telephone numbers
  5. Assessing certification due dates, deadlines and changes in personal certification status
  6. Insuring assessment is completed early in the maintenance cycle for all core Certificants
  7. Abiding by intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademarks and certification marks)
  8. Using appropriate credential acronyms set by NCC

A Certificant may have his/her certification revoked or denied for violation of NCC program policies or unprofessional conduct related to NCC including but not limited to:

    • Loss of license required for certification
    • Violation of examination procedures or security
    • Misstatement or false statements on an application for initial certification or renewal or in any other format information required by NCC, whether intentional or unintentional;
    • Misrepresentation or improper use of credential
    • Failure to pay certification, maintenance or any program purchase fees

(PDF)Code of Conduct