NCC Mission and Vision Statements

Based on the work of a Board appointed Long Range Planning Committee, the Board adopted new vision and mission statements for the organization as follows:

Vision Statement

NCC is committed to promoting quality health care to women, neonates and their families by providing credentialing, recognition and educational programs for nurses and other health professionals.

The implication of this new vision statement was to incorporate a multidisciplinary approach to credentialing and competence validation. The Board recognized that the goal of providing quality health care cannot be met unless competence validation opportunities are provided to health care professionals other than nurses who work with women's health, obstetrics and neonatal patients.

The following mission statement identified how the new vision of the organization would be implemented:

Mission Statement

The purpose of NCC is to:

    • provide certification examinations for nurses, with a primary focus on women's health, obstetrics, neonatal and other core specialties to publicly demonstrate their special knowledge competence
    • provide certification examinations for nurse practitioners, with a primary focus on women's health, obstetrics, neonatal and other core specialties to demonstrate their entry into practice knowledge competence.
    • provide competence assessment mechanisms for health care professionals with a primary focus on providing women's health, obstetric, neonatal and other specialty care to demonstrate their knowledge competence and
    • establish opportunities for nurses and other health care professionals to validate their ongoing competence through assessment, evaluation, research and education.

As in the past, NCC will continue to provide core certification examinations to nurses who provide women's health, obstetrical and neonatal care leading to the RNC Adopted July 1998 Updated December 2014 Updated December 2015 credential along with the nurse practitioner exams that lead to the NNP-BC and WHNP-BC credential. Subspecialty examinations as a competence validation mechanism will allow RNCs, NNP-BCs and WHNP-BCs to build upon their credential identifying their added qualification in the field. These mechanisms will also be open to non-RNCs and other health professionals where appropriate. When the same care is given by multi care givers, NCC wants to provide the necessary validation mechanisms to insure a high quality standard can be met by all professionals providing the care to these important populations.

(PDF) Mission and Vision Statements