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Additional Submissions

Those who owe additional documentation or fees to NCC should review instructions and then select appropriate area for your additional submissions in order to proceed.

This Portal is for uploading additional documents or payments requested by NCC. The portal requires you choose a reason for the required upload or payment. The choices are as follows

  • Exam Application Registration should be clicked if the upload or payment is related to exam registration.  This would include the need for additional paperwork or additional fees such as reprocessing fee for an incomplete application.
  • Maintenance Application Audit should be clicked if the upload or payment is related to maintenance or audits.  This would be for additional paperwork you need to submit.
  • Other issue not listed should be clicked for anything else that you have been requested to upload or pay.  This would include items like returned checks or denied credit card payments and additional fees related to these.

Once you click on the link you will be asked for identifying information to link your upload to your profile.  In addition you must let us know if you are uploading

  • Both documents and fees
  • Just documents
  • Just fees alone

You will be asked to put in the fee amount. You will also have a place to comment on what you are uploading and why. You will then be provided with a document upload page or payment page or both depending on what your need is. You can view your documents after you upload them.  If you are submitting a payment you can use credit/debit cards or Checking/savings accounts.  NCC does not directly see this submission so please make sure your account numbers are correct. 

I am required to submit additional documentation and/or fee for:

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