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2010 NCC Officers and Directors Elected

Jul 8, 2009

We are pleased to the announce the outcome of the 2009 NCC leadership election.

Directors of the Board are elected by the NCC certified constituency, officers are elected by the Board from the elected directors. 

The officers and directors elected are

Robin Bissinger, NNP-BC, Ph.D., President

Terri A. Cavaliere, DNP (c), NNP-BC, Vice President and re-elected director

Mary Brucker, CNM, Ph.D., Secretary-Treasure and re-elected director

Nancy Carroll, WHNP-BC, RNC-REIN, MSN, Re-elected director

James DeSoto, MD, FACOG, C-EFM, Re-elected director

Carolyn Sutton, WHNP-BC, MS, Newly elected director

Joyce Converse, RNC-OB, MS, Re-elected Certified Nurse Representative to the Nominating Committee.

Their terms begin January 1, 2010

For more information:  (DOC)NCC Leadership Background

                       Congratulations to all!