The 2024 NCC Board Nominations

The 2024 Board Nominations Slate

This is the announcement of a 2024 slate of nominees for the NCC Board of Directors and the NCC Representative to the Nominating Committee.

Additional nominees (a currently certified certificant in good standing) may be slated upon submission of a petition signed by 1% of the active certificants currently NCC certified holding a core certification. The current core certified population is 82,130. This petition must be submitted to the NCC office no later than September 30, 2023, at NCC, 676 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 3600, Chicago, IL 60611.

In the event a minimum of 1% of all certified certificants of record sign a petition nominating a qualified individual in addition to a person named on the slate within 30 days from the announcement of the slate, such additional person shall be placed in nomination, and the slate and the additional person shall be submitted for vote. No individual may be nominated who does not meet the general or professional criteria established for the nominated position.

The pertinent bylaws passage can be accessed here.