Exam Withdrawal

Withdrawal Policy - Computer Testing

  • Only the applicant/candidate can withdraw from the examination process
  • All withdrawal requests must be submitted online at the NCC website BEFORE the final day of the original eligibility window and provided that:
    --the candidate has not made an appointment to take the exam at a PSI/AMP center,
    --if the candidate has made an appointment with PSI/AMP, it must be canceled four or more business days prior to the scheduled testing date
    --the candidate has not previously requested an exam change for that exam.
  • No refund will be considered after the original eligibility window expires.

Withdrawal is not an option for PEC or ICP candidates

Refunds for Withdrawing Candidates

  • Candidates withdrawing from a Core or NP Certification exam will receive a $160 refund of their $325 payment.
  • Candidates withdrawing from a Subspecialty exam will receive a $105 refund of their $210 payment.

Submit a withdrawal request