Military Testing Centers

For overseas military candidates, their family and non-military professionals who have access to military bases with computer testing centers, there may be opportunities to take the Certification exam on base.

Testing Center Requirements

The computer testing center must be confirmed to have adequate facilities to provide the exam in a manner consistent with other testing centers. Including, but not limited to,

  • strong internet access
  • an environment conducive to computer-based testing
  • proctors

Candidate responsibilities

Prior to registering for a certification exam, contact the on-base testing office and ask about the option to take a proctored computer exam on base.  It is the responsibility of any candidate who wishes to test at an overseas military base, to discuss the option with the the on-base testing office, prior to registering for the exam. Once it has been confirmed that the testing center requirements listed above are met, you may register for the exam on You may also contact PSI Testing Services by emailing and providing them with

  • the site information
  • proctor/testing officer contact information
  • test date and time

The candidate must have access to the base computer testing center. PSI will work directly with the staff/proctor at the on-base testing office to set up the exam. Any testing fees that are charged by the on-base testing office must be paid by the candidate at the time of testing.

The process and protocol for taking the exam is the same as US testing centers. For more information contact Bob Wolff at