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Inpatient Obstetric Nursing – Golden Hour CE Bundle

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Convenience Package of specialty specific bundled CE modules for Golden Hours: Care of the Very Low Birth Weight Neonate, 2nd Edition.

You do not need to purchase the printed book to have access to this unique CE opportunity. Each CE module includes a printable PDF of its corresponding chapter. This Golden Hours CE purchase does NOT include a hard copy of the publication Golden Hours.

The CE modules in the RNC-OB® bundle offer:
5 CE hours - Fetal Assessment (Code 1)
2 CE hours - Labor and Delivery (Code 2)
5 CE hours - Pregnancy and Obstetric Complications (Code 3)
6 CE hours - Newborn (Code 5)
6 CE hours - Professional Practice (Code 6)

Discounted price of $95

To purchase CE chapters separately, go to NCC Continuing Education, browse all modules and scroll down to Golden Hours

Review objectives and content outline of each CE module included in this package by clicking the links below.