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eMedicine Comes to You

Dec 1, 2009

NCC has established an institutional relationship with eMedicine that will give you free access to this network of point- of-care medical references. The evidence-based content, updated regularly by more than 8,000 physicians or health care provider authors and editors, provides the latest practice guidelines in 38 clinical areas. The eMedicine Clinical Knowledge Base contains articles on over 6,500 diseases and medical topics, and is richly illustrated with some 28,000 multimedia files.

New eMedicine articles undergo several levels of peer review plus an additional review by a PharmD prior to publication. Sources for subsequent revisions of articles include the author, a physician or PharmD member of the editorial board, user-driven feedback, and systematically reviewed medical literature. eMedicine is a part of the WebMD Health Professional Network that includes and Investor information, corporate management, and press releases related to WebMD are available on our corporate website of eMedicine.

Now this is available to you as a NCC certified nurse or holder of a certificate of added qualification.   It's free and ready for access 24/7.  Sign in to the NCC website Go to your account page and on the left hand column is the eMedicine link.