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NCC worked with other national groups to develop the following statement "Nurse Practitioner Students and Direct Care Clinical Hours".  NCC supports the requirement of a minimum of 500 supervised direct patient care clinical hours in the population focus.  During this pandemic, the additional clinical hours (above and beyond the minimum 500), required by NCC for eligibility for the certification exam, may be completed in a different clinical setting or through the use of simulation. The program directors may use their judgment on how the additional 100 hours of clinical are best met in their programs. If faculty have other ideas for meeting these additional hours, please share this with all faculty to assist during this crisis.  If you have additional questions please contact NCC at

In order for graduates to be eligible for the NCC certification process, NCC must review and approve the NP program from which they have graduated and program accreditation must be current.

Program Directors are thereafter responsible for annual updates to their program profile. All substantive changes in a program must be reported and updated in the profile. Program Directors are required to ensure their program accreditation date and letter are up to date at all times. If the program accreditation lapses, students cannot sit for the examination.  In addition, to reinstate a lapsed program you must provide all required documents and pay a 500 dollar fee.

Program reports may be generated after logging into the program profile. For programs in which one or no graduates took the examination in a given year, no report is issued to guard the confidentiality of the individual.  Programs may request the unique ID number from the student to obtain verification of certification.

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If you have a new NNP or WHNP graduate program please use the following link to have the program approved.

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