NCC randomly selects for audit a percentage of credentialed professionals who are due to maintain their certification. All incomplete applications are automatically selected for audit. An audit requires the credentialed individual to submit copies of the program agenda with lecture descriptions or the lecture description along with certificates of continuing education being used for the purposes of maintenance. In addition, the audit requires a license or license verification upload that shows the current expiration date.

NCC CE is automatically applied to your applications and the description and CE certificate are on file so NCC CE  and does not require uploads. NCC CE is not audited.  All other CE can be randomly audited.

The notice of audit may come with your notice that your certification is due or you may be subject to an audit after you have submitted your certification maintenance application. If selected for audit and you fail to provide continuing education certificates and the program/lecture descriptions or fail to meet the deadline to submit additional documentation that would complete your application, your certification will lapse.  The audit provides you with a two-week window to submit the required documents.  Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure all contact information is current in your account so that you receive audit information. After you submit your maintenance application you should monitor your email for audit. 

What to do if your maintenance application is randomly selected for an audit.

  1. Please review the random audit email and comments from NCC.  You will be asked to provide a copy of the certificate of completion and program agenda/course description for each non-NCC CE activity listed in your application and/or a current upload of your license or a screenshot of the state board of nursing verification that lists your expiration date.
  2. If you do not have one or both required documents for a CE activity, you must override the activity listed by uploading the certificate and agenda with another CE activity that was earned in the right time frame and meets the hours required and core competency area. This upload in the audit application is required and an email with an attachment will not be accepted. 
  3. If you cannot find the documents for CE earned outside of NCC you may substitute the CE activity with NCC CE that meets the same code. Once you have completed the NCC CE you must make a document that states you have completed the NCC CE to meet this code and upload it in the audit application in place of both the CE certificate and the description you could not find. 

    NCC CE that is purchased to complete an audit requirement WILL NOT upload to your application.  You will upload the NCC CE certificate into your maintenance audit as described or use the additional submissions portal in your account for this CE to be reviewed. Select Maintenance Application Audit and enter M62461.  

  4. If you do not have a current copy of your license, we recommend visiting or the licensing board in your state.
  5. In your NCC account, select the Upload Audit Documentation link.  Complete the audit requirements by the deadline provided in the random audit email.  Submit to NCC for review.
  6. After reviewing your submission, NCC will determine if the activities have been approved, denied or if additional information is required.   Please review this email and comments on the recommended steps.
  7. If additional information is required, resubmit the application by the provided deadline, with documentation, for review.
  8. Your application will be approved or denied.  If you do not provide the required documentation by the new deadline, your certification will lapse the day after your due date. The only option at that time will be to reinstate.