Continuing Competency Assessment

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TO START THE PROCESS, SELECT THE SPECIALTY ASSESSMENT AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE THAT REPRESENTS YOUR CERTIFICATION SPECIALTY. Assessments must be completed in one sitting.  Once started the timer will start.  Exiting the assessment will not stop the timer. 

You must log in with your password or your last name and ID number to see the assessment listed. An Assessment is due at the start of EVERY maintenance cycle.  This provides you with your Educational Plan and tells you the amount of CE you need to maintain. Legacy and Subspecialty certifications do not require an assessment.


  • The continuing competency assessment will work with most modern browsers but requires at a minimum FireFox 3+, Safari 5+,  Google Chrome, or Microsoft Edge.  

  • Please read about Taking the Assessment, An overview, before you begin.

  • Make sure you have no filters in place, pop-up filters can often create a conflict or interference.

  • You should be using the latest version of your browser and cookies should be set to enabled.  If you fail to connect or get a blank screen when trying to access it, try a different web browser to access it.

  • If you encounter any type of problem, try re-accessing first as most times, individuals can successfully reconnect. You can reconnect as long as you have time remaining on the clock.

  • Employer computers may have firewalls that will block access. If you have an access problem on an employer computer, try using a non-employer computer to gain access.

  • If you accidentally exit out during the assessment, you get disconnected from the internet or have difficulty navigating the assessment, you can try re-accessing through this portal.    You can reaccess as long as you have time on the clock. If it is no longer available to you, email us at

  • If you do not receive your education plan results immediately after submitting your assessment, check your account as the education plan will be maintained in your account for your review at any time.  It will not appear until the total two hours and 15 minutes allotted for taking the assessment has expired.

  • Your 5 hours earned for taking the assessment appears in your online maintenance application, not your account.

  • No CE certificate will be issued as the CE earned is not transferable to any venue outside of NCC maintenance.

  •  Participants can access the assessment by clicking on the links below.

In addition to completion of the assessment, you must also file a maintenance application and pay a maintenance fee to maintain your NCC certification. Enter your CE as you earn it into your maintenance application.  The Educational plan in the maintenance application will update each time you enter CE.  This will assist you in knowing what CE you have left to earn and when all CE is submitted. Once complete you can move on to submitting the maintenance application.