Core certification maintenance            

Requirements to maintain your Core certification: 

  • Current, active licensure as an RN or APRN in the US or Canada
  • Completion of the Continuing Competency Assessment at the beginning of your maintenance cycle (Legacy Certifications do not complete an Assessment). Take your assessment
  • Continuing Education earned is based on your Education Plan developed after the assessment is completed.
  • CE is entered into the Maintenance Application anytime during the 3-year maintenance cycle
  • Maintenance application is submitted on the NCC website before midnight CST on your due date.

Take your Assessment

Maintenance application / Add CE

Maintenance catalogs

CE Coding for CORE Maintenance

  • CoverINP

    Inpatient Obstetric Nursing

  • CoverLRN

    Low Risk Neonatal Nursing

  • CoverMNN

    Maternal Newborn Nursing

  • CoverNIC

    Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing

  • CoverNNP

    Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

  • CoverWHNP

    Women's Health Care Nurse Practitioner

  • CoverLegacy

    Exams no longer offered