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When in a new maintenance cycle should the CCA be completed?
The CCA should be completed as early as possible in each new maintenance cycle, since NO CE can be earned until the Education Plan that develops from the CCA results is available to direct the amount and content of CE earned for maintenance.

What happens if I get 7.5 specialty index in all content areas?
Your continuing education requirement would then be 15 continuing education hours in your certification specialty area, the specified topics would be of your choosing.

What will happen if I don’t take the CCA in time and don’t have enough time to meet my continuing education requirements?
If you need additional time, then you can request an extension for a fee. Extensions must be requested online prior to the date the maintenance cycle ends. If you don’t file your maintenance on time, you will have one year to reinstate for a fee.

If I don’t earn continuing education in the required areas but have at least 50 hours, can I still maintain?
No, you have to meet both the CE hour and content category requirements as designated by the individualized Education Plan in order to complete your certification maintenance application by the maintenance cycle deadline.

I guess I really don’t understand this. If I take the CCA and get a 7.5 specialty index in all areas, I really only have to earn 10 continuing education hours to maintain my certification?
Yes, that is correct. While the requirement is 15 continuing education hours, because you earn 5 continuing education hours for the assessment, that makes your continuing education commitment 10 continuing education hours in the certification specialty.

Why is there a higher fee if I don’t take the assessment evaluation?
In order for NCC to assess that you have maintained competency in the major certification competencies, we will have to review your certificates which takes more resources and time to accomplish. The cost for that will be borne by the individual.

If I use the Alternative Maintenance process for a maintenance cycle, does that mean I have to use that same opt out option for all upcoming certification maintenance cycles?
No, each NCC certification maintenance cycle is distinct and has its own 3 year time frame. Once you successfully complete and submit an appropriate certification maintenance application and transition to a new maintenance cycle, you may elect to complete a CCA and follow the personalized Education Plan for the new certification maintenance cycle.

Technical questions

Please see the technical requirements and troubleshooting section.