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Fetal Assessment

  • Antepartum Assessment
  • Electronic Fetal Monitoring
  • Non-electronic fetal monitoring,
  • Acid-base assessment
  • Fetal and Placental Development


Acid-base assessment
Acoustic stimulation
Amniotic fluid index
Antepartum Assessment
Biochemical fetal markers
Biophysical and Modified Biophysical Profile
Contraction stress test
Cord blood sampling
Doppler flow studies
Electronic fetal monitoring
Fetal and placental development
Fetal blood sampling
Fetal fibronectin testing
Fetal heart rate pattern interpretation
Fetal heart rate patterns (normal/abnormal)
Fetal lung maturation studies
Fetal movement assessment
Fetal scalp stimulation
FHR Baseline features
FHR changes
Gestational age assessment
Intermittent auscultation
Kleihauer-Betke test
Maternal serum markers/screening
NICHD categories
NICHD EFM terminology
Non-electronic Fetal Monitoring
Non-stress testing
Nuchal translucency
Percutaneous blood sampling
Prenatal diagnosis
Prenatal screening tests
Umbilical artery doppler flow studies
Umbilical cord blood gases
Uterine activity assessment
Uterine tachysystole