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Inpatient Obstetric Nursing » Postpartum (Code 4)



  • Physiology of the Postpartum Woman
  • Family Adaptation
  • Lactation
  • Complications of the Postpartum Period


Birth canal lacerations
Breastfeeding - composition, complications, physiology
Care of the non-breastfeeding woman
Deep vein thrombosis(DVT)
Discharge planning
Family Cultural Adaptation
Family integration
Family psychosocial adaptation
Herpes management Postpartum
Home care - maternal self care, safety issues, neonatal care, warning signs
Insulin management Postpartum
Lactation and drug transfer
Lactation suppression
Maternal infant attachment
Maternal risk factors - Postpartum
Pain management
Perinatal loss
Postpartum care
Postpartum education
Postpartum exercises
Postpartum hemorrhage
Postpartum maternal physiologic changes
Postpartum cardiomyopathy
Postpartum infection
Postpartum psychosocial adaptation - mood and anxiety disorders, transition to parenthood
Pulmonary embolism
Septic pelvic thrombophlebitis
Uterine subinvolution
Wound infection